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Fascinating and depressing essay on the RightRadicalization of TransExclusionaryRadicalFeminists on MumsNet :

Interesting to compare ACultureOfConspiracy

Two points are particularly troubling to me :

1) Look how easy it is to turn ANY interest group into a hate-group if you can find just the right other scapegoat group that's sort of the inverse if you. But which can be spun as encroaching on your territory.

(I'm gonna call this PalimpsestHateHypothesis.)

2) Parallels between Incels / MensRightsGroups and MumsNet TERFs are very interesting. (Parallels with Brexit too)

But based on the particular points of similarity "people at a vulnerable moment being offered a greater theory / scapegoat enemy" how many LeftWing causes might not fall into the same phenomenon? If TERF-brand feminism takes legitimate women's issues and turns them into scapegoating / unfair attacks on trans-women, how much of the rest of feminist critique of men is just equivalent scapegoating?

Yes, we can obviously point out that in patriarchy men really DO have power, and trans-women really don't. BUT ... if the psychological mechanisms are the same, how much does that matter?

Similar, could the entire edifice of Marxist left-wing criticism, built on the foundational idea that workers are exploited by the capitalist system, actually be merely the same psychological phenomenon where workers who are unlucky in capitalism are encouraged to blame it and scapegoat those who practice it more successfully?


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