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(ReadWith) IdentityIsTheNewMoney, TcpIpVsTheDollar, TheUltimatePlatformWar

Need a stronger connection between these two ideas. Hence this page

FlemmingFunch ponders what kind of money you need for an InformationEconomy :

Information and benefits are potentially unlimited. It therefore doesn't make sense to match them up with a scarce, limited medium of assigning value. The valued currency should be able to expand to match the value of the benefits that are experienced, rather than the estimated values having to be shrunk to the supply of currency available.

How exactly to do that, I don't know. And how to combine that with a medium that can be used to acquire goods that actually ARE scarce and limited in supply, I don't know.

But, it is apparently to me that the current money systems are not very helpful in creating a better future where all of our needs are met, and it is not very practical as a measure for what is actually valuable in our lives.

We need new money that is proactive, that freely supports a desirable and viable future, rather than money that is reactive, only representing past acts and acquired possessions.

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