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One person software companies. There's a fashion for experimenting with them.

Of course the culture really took off with MobileApps

Term coined by EricSink :

Blog : http://www.microisv.com/

Concept to software 7-days : http://www.microisv.com/archives/2006/03/06/conception-to-sales-in-7-days-can-it-be-done/#more-223

Bob Walsh interview : http://www.microisv.com/archives/2006/01/10/microisv-profile-bob-walsh-safari-software-microisv-author/#more-214

Every now and then I almost consider trying to push one of my software projects as a commercial rather than FreeSoftware product. But not sure I can cure myself of UnfinishedProjects and get FinishednessThinking?

Also I should remember InDefenceOfIntellectualProperty

DanBricklin's Software Garden : http://www.softwaregarden.com/

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