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I remember reading this classic story from the 30s age of adventure as a child. It was in some kind of old-fashioned anual at my grandmothers'. Probably belonged to my uncle as a boy in the 50s / 60s.

Little did I know that I'd end up living in Brazil. Or that I'd see some pretty big ants. (Though never this kind of mass army-ant migration.) I'd also be WatchingAnts, though pretty small ones.

My grandfather, stationed in Africa during the SecondWorldWar tells a story of how ants marched through his tent, and ate the bottom off his suitcase.

Leiningen is now the ClojureLanguage project-building app. Clearly a reference to Java's own build-tool : Ant. But also, I'd like to think, about battling insurmountable complexity. (TheTarPit). Compare TrackingSystemForLocustSwarms

In the US, they're suffering an outbreak of Brazilian ants they call Crazy Ants

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