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Context: OnPalestine

Many on the left got too close to the Palestinian cause.

This has opened them up to accusations of AntiSemitism

I've criticised this before. The left sometimes do get too close to arab-nationalism (TheLeftAndArabNationalism) which is ultimately RightWing. And it makes unpleasant bed-fellows.

Nevertheless, I don't accept the accusation of capital-A "Antisemitism".

I think we can and should make a principled distinction between criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism of the European / Nazi variety.

On the obvious grounds of :

  • different historical context
  • different motivations of people holding the beliefs
  • different personalities and sympathies of the people holding the beliefs
  • different implications for how pro-Palestinian left-activists and genuine anti-semites would actually behave, say in the counter-factual situations in which they gained power

These differences are so blatant and obvious that it's hard to believe that those conflating them together aren't doing so for political propaganda or other malicious reasons.

At least, that's how it looks to me.

Case in point : LabourAntiSemitism



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