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I wonder how much a "Knowledge Home" is like a DigitalGarden

  1. We believe that people are entitled to full understanding and active use of all the machinery of the information age.
  2. We believe that the price of this entitlement is eternal learning. Like any live language, this machinery is constant flux, at an especially rapid rate today. Understanding and operating it in a creative way rather than just using some of its packaged products will require a great deal of structured learning.
  3. We believe that the best way to learn is through a community, with formal instruction playing only a secondary, supporting role.
  4. We believe that a community can be built only if the individuals participate voluntarily, being secure in their own possessions, and not required to leave their existing traditions just to become members of the community.

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Posted by SebPaquet

Hmmm. Sounds right to me. (Except maybe they're trying too hard to distance themselves from challenging IntellectualProperty) Compare NetworkEpistemology / AcademiaVsNewMedia / HomeMadeCurriculum


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