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IntellectualProperty lets ideas interact with money.

This leads to both power and responsibility for those who are minded towards reform.

One kind of strategy, is to say that ideas are unduely constrained by being tethered to money. And that freeing ideas from money is a cause to be celebrated and fought for. The only option is to severe ideas from money by freeing them absolutely. (See also ServiceStrategy, TheAgeOfAmateurs)

On the other hand, you may see money itself as a more flexible and hackable medium. In which case, social ends can be furthered by reforming money itself. In this context the role of IP is more complex. In BernardLietaer's world of multiple currencies as gears, maybe a PluralityOfSoftwareLicenses with different degrees of social memory, entitlements and responsibilities might have similar gearing potential.

Commercial influence in OpenSource :

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