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Context : NonFungibleTokens / BlockChain

A market for selling DigitalArt and NFTs representing virtual assets.

Now (cloned) at https://hicetnunc.art/

Because it's based on Tezos a ProofOfStake blockchain, it claims a much lower environmental footprint to the NFT markets on ProofOfWork blockchains.

It's now going to rename / rebrand itself : https://community.hicetnunc.xyz/t/info-sheet-for-the-naming-vote-on-henvote-xyz-for-the-new-platform/462


Interestingly Nov 2021, there was some kind of bust-up in the HEN community, and the original developer pulled the site. (https://decrypt.co/86020/tezos-nft-marketplace-hic-et-nunc-discontinued)

(Seems to have been a quarrel over the direction people wanted to take it)

But because the code was all open-source. And because, obviously, all the records are on the blockchain. And all the assets are on IPFS. Someone managed to get a clone of the site up and things carrying on as normal within a day or so.

Artists seem to be moving to Objkt (see more on TezosNFTs)

This is what Web3 people mean by blockchains letting you own your own data.

hDAO is the governance token ... but is it still relevant? https://twitter.com/hicetnuncdao


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Teia is a fork of the old hicetnunc : https://twitter.com/TeiaCommunity