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Context : ServiceOrientedArchitecture

Brings an ExtremeProgramming / GlobalGuerrillas mashup philosophy to installing enterprise service oriented architectures.

Usual incremental, small-scale goodness

  • Operations are not an abstraction which exists in SOA

Compare : ReST and my opinion on SynWeb

Another example of InteroperabilityCanProceedWithoutPairwiseCooperation?


Criticisms, as always focus on the fact that lack of planning leads to spaghetti s/code/services/ with lots of hard to trace paths and redundacy.

The answer to this, as always, is ReFactoring ... that is, when X calls Y which calls Z , sometimes you need to eliminate Y and call Z directly, or on pair-wise, piecemeal basis renegotiate the message contents.

The point is, if you never clear up, you get a mess. This isn't unique to self-organized, bottom-up or agile processes. The idea that you can eliminate the need to tidy-up by BigUpFrontDesign is (surely!!!) and exploded myth? (Central planning scales worse than anything.)

: maybe warpier (WarpLink) to FractalCleanUpCrew when thinking about the tidying of refactoring ... ???

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