ThoughtStorms Wiki

ThoughtStormsIsNotAMuseum it doesn't have to remember everything.

In fact it needs some WikiComposting

But it's worse than that.

It actually needs to forget some stuff

I'm looking at pages today which were written 15 years ago.

The topics of these pages are completely relevant to modern discussions.

BUT ...

there are 20 links and discussions from 15 years ago. And only 1 or 2 from today.

Normally tacked on the end.

But today's links and discussions and framings are far MORE important and urgent than the older ones.

I don't want to throw the old ones away wholesale. It's not that they aren't interesting, or sometimes very informative. But somehow the weighting is wrong. We need ways for older ideas to naturally recede and not be "deleted" but gradually overwritten / swamped by the newer stuff.

That's how real memory works. The newer stuff is more prominent than the older stuff.

Here we have a kind of memory sclerosis. The older stuff sediments and canalizes. And that's fine, nature is like that. (See ShearingLayers in a city too)

BUT ... there must be a way for more recent / relevant stuff to stay "on top".

How can WikiNature incorporate the correct forgetting algorithm? Of things gradually receding into history. Not forgotten, but not dominating the newer?