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DallE is, of course, biased :

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I am writing to alert you to a newly issued U.S. patent concerning ethical artificial intelligence entitled:

Inductive Inference Affective Language Analyzer

Simulating Artificial Intelligence (patent No. 6,587,846).

As implied in its title, this innovation is the first affect-ive language analyzer incorporating ethical/motivational terms, serving in the role of interactive computer interface. It enables a computer to reason and speak in an ethical fashion, serving in roles specifying sound human judgement.

This innovation is formally based on a multi-level hierarchy of the traditional groupings of virtues, values, and ideals, collectively arranged as subsets within a hierarchy of metaperspectives - as partially depicted below.''

Glory–Prudence Honor–Justice

Providence–Faith Liberty–Hope

Grace–Beauty Free-will–Truth

Tranquility–Ecstasy Equality–Bliss

Dignity–Temperance Integrity–Fortitude

Civility–Charity Austerity–Decency

Magnanimity–Goodness Equanimity–Wisdom

Love–Joy Peace-Harmony

See for for remainder and responses.

Good lord! Interesting. BTW, I think I'm gonna try stealing some of that ontology for my Prolog exam next Friday. – PhilJones

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