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At one time I encouraged people who had experimented with Gbloink! to write about it here on ThoughtStorms (when it was an open wiki) .

hey phil and thank you for the quick respond. is there any way at all to record the midi messages from gbloink and afterwards copy them into, let´s say, cubase or reason. i have all diffirent kinds of software and i´m interested in manipulating the midi from gbloink with other sounds from softsynths and eventually recording that as an audio file. is this at all possible?

thanks in advance, gylfi b

– gylfi blondal

hello. first of all, i´d like to thank you for making the wonderful Gbloink! ever since i got my hands on it i´ve been downright obsessed with it. it´s exactly what i needed, i´ve always been very interested in "randomizing" music and Gbloink helps alot with the dreadful "composing" of such music.

however, due to my lack of understanding when it comes to computers i haven´t been able to make it work with other programs and i was hoping you could either point me in the direction of the documentation or help me in any other way you might see fit. i´m running the 1.5 version of gbloink (had little luck installing the more recent version) on a compaq 512 mb 1.6 ghz pentium m 4. i have the ever so delightful windows xp installed. i´d be interested in making it work with either cubase sx, nuendo 2.0 or simular midi sequensers.

i hope you can help me with this, i´d be more than happy to make a donation to the possible futher developement of this wonderful sound toy.

thanks and greeting from reykjavík, iceland.

– gylfi blondal

Hi Gylfi,

thanks for writing. Good to hear from other obsessives :-) Sorry to say, I don't have much idea at the moment of how to solve the "recording to Cubase" issue. (Which a lot of people are asking for.) When I wrote the program initially, it just used the MidiMapper in Windows (3.1) - which you could redirect anywhere, including, I understand, your sequencer. Now Windows media level seems to work differently. And I am not running anything like the kind of sophisticated setup I would need to be able to experiment. (I don't use any advanced sequencer like Cubase etc.)

My short-term goal for Gbloink! is to fix the problems that prevent 1.8 working on Windows XP. After that, when I have some time, I will look around the net for some more more information.

Donations are always welcome :-) but I have a fairly demanding workload at the moment : a teaching dayjob and some other projects. So please only donate if you would like to do so for the version of Gbloink! you currently have. I won't be prioritizing the "talk to a sequencer" question any time soon this year. (Sorry.)

And as I say to everyone, if you record anything with Gbloink! I'd always love to hear it.



NB 2022: Gbloink CAN now be used with a DAW. See the main Gbloink page for a video showing how I managed this. (You need a new, third party MidiMapper)

Edward X

EdwardX here I few Comments I d like to make about Gbloink first is a really like it makes a great Experimental tool have few Request 1 is there a way to make the balls Midi Compatible? example The Red ball channel 1 Blue ball Channel 2 Ect.. 2nd would be make the screen resizable.. other than that I think it great and love to see future updates



the red, green and blue balls already send messages to midi channels 1, 2 and 3. The "gold" balls all talk to channel 4. If you set Windows driver (what used to be the "MidiMapper") to send to an alternative or external midi sythesizer, Gbloink! will control that. Resizable I'll add to Gbloink/Requests

BTW if it's you despamming. Many thanks.



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