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Thinking about ShearingLayers in DigitalGardens

More garden analogies with respect to CleaningUpThoughtStorms.

The layers :

1) External news / social media happenings, dramas, etc. are the fastest moving. Equivalent to weather. These might water or provide sun to the garden. Helping a lot of new growth very rapidly on particular topics.

2) External pages you link are the next fastest moving. Maybe they'll be there in future, maybe not. Think of your links to them as your annuals in plant terms. The flowers that are there just for one summer.

You can make a nice display or bouquet of them, but don't expect them to be around for long. And be prepared for how you'll preserve them. Dried? Pressed between the pages of a book? Or merely photographed (quoted / found on WayBackMachine)

3) YouTube video and other externally hosted media are a special case. They are external, but we have reason to think they'll be around for a little while. Unless YouTube goes down. These are the perennials that will be relevant every year unless a blight kills them ALL off at once.

4) Your own writing should be thought of as the beginning of an architecture. Things that you plan to be there for a while. They are large bushes and trees. That we hope can be relevant for a few years.

5) Finally the page names and links between them are there for the long-haul. Not only do you control them so they won't disappear. But actually you'll have a hard time changing them. They are the layout. The walls and paths. What Brand called Site.

(See also ShearingLayersInWiki)

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