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Faking video with DeepLearning NeuralNetworks

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Quora Answer : How do I make a deep fake video?

Aug 13, 2019

Not done it, but if I had to do it, the way I'd start is :

go and get myself as many Jetson Nanos as I can afford (Jetson Nano Developer Kit) (In July 2019 I just bought two for my own projects, they're $99 a pop. By the time you read this, newer, faster, better AI boards and chips may be available. But in July 2019, these look good)

go and look at some of the projects and papers on aerophile/awesome-deepfakes to get leads and see example code projects.

generally people are using Python3, TensorFlow and Keras ... so I'd do some googling to find tutorials on these technologies. (There are LOTS on YouTube and the wider web). I'm on this at the moment. I know Python, I have some background with neural nets, but haven't really sat down and learned Keras / TensorFlow. I really mean to do this in the next few months.

Quora Answer : What can be done to stop (or regulate) the production of technologies that can produce “deep fake” videos, which show people doing or saying something unreal or untrue?

Aug 16, 2019


People can make deep-fake videos in any country in the world, and post them to Facebook and they'll be in your phone within minutes.

On your evening news within a few hours.

No government can stop people making them outside its jurisdiction.

The best you can do is hash / watermark videos to prove they haven't been interfered with since they were hashed / watermarked.

But even this can't say anything about the provenance of the video BEFORE it was watermarked.

The best you can do is accept that photos and videos are now flawed evidence. Everyone incriminated by them will claim that they are faked.

And you'll have to rely on something else to decide who you believe.

I DO think that there's something that social media can and should do to slow down the rapid spread of fake news and bad memes :

Phil Jones (He / Him)'s answer to Is there a logical and ethical way for free society to shape policy so that fake news, anti-vaccination information, and other socially harmful lies/misinformation can be dealt with both quickly and efficiently w/o ceasing to be free?

Quora Answer : During the Brazilian 2018 Election, I kept hearing on social media about something called "kit gay". What does this refer to?

Nov 20, 2018

Brazil is still a very homophobic country. So some people in the education system thought it would be a good idea to teach children about homosexuality in the hope of reducing prejudices.

Naturally this was very unpopular with the homophobes, particularly the religious ones.

So they started spreading various conspiracy theories about how the government was trying to turn children gay or proselytizing homosexuality.

The far right presidential candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, claimed that this was an initiative of Haddad, the left-wing PT presidential candidate who had once been education minister. Though this appears to be fake news : Haddad n\xc3\xa3o criou o \xe2\x80\x98kit gay' / \xc3\x89 falso que Haddad criou 'kit gay' para crian\xc3\xa7as de seis anos | Aos Fatos

At their most hysterical and paranoidly homophobic / sexphobic, supporters on the right were sharing memes about the material given to children that showed quasi pornographic illustrations :

and claimed it was being given to 6 year olds

Again, this was faked. The images are not from the material in schools. [Ag\xc3\xaancia Lupa] #Verificamos: Imagem apresentada como 'capa do kit gay' n\xc3\xa3o est\xc3\xa1 no material

They photoshopped this image :

to look like this :

A foto de Haddad segurando um brinquedo sexual \xc3\xa9 verdadeira ou falsa?

And were claiming that Haddad had put this baby drinking bottle in the shape of a penis into creches and schools to "normalize" cock-sucking :

Again, it's a lie. The object does exist. As a sex-toy sold in erotic shops and on web sites.

\xc3\x89 verdade que o PT de Haddad distribui mamadeira er\xc3\xb3tica nas escolas?

These images and conspiracies were widely shared on social media, millions of times.

Effectively Bolsonaro won control of Brazil on a raft of lies, including paranoia about sex and homosexuality.

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