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Community and Culture have relationships, but my experience at a few wikis seem to get this feeling of CommunityWithoutaCulture, or CultureWithoutaCommunity.


This is a page where PhilJones will need to sign his comments, should he chooses to do so :)

Before I confuse people let me explain what I mean by my usage of the two terms.

  • Community - a physical gathering of souls
  • Culture - a sign of coherent work by a community.

So Wiki:WikiWikiWeb has community, and its sister site MeatBall:MeatBall has culture.

I would not say MeatBall:MeatBall is CultureWithoutaCommunity, but Wiki:WikiWikiWeb is resembling a CommunityWithoutaCulture. One is relatively quiet, the other I wish it would more quiet.

Interesting you put it that way. MeatBall seems to me to be one of the wikis which most explicitly aims to build a community. Of course, it has a culture too. But some of the most obvious elements of that culture (eg. Meatball:BarnStars) are aimed at rewarding pro-community behaviour.


  • Actually I think MeatBall does have a community, but feel much less so due to less "instant messaging", "heated debates", etc. And yes the main topic of MeatBall is building communities. I am posting here to sound it out with you before I go arose the sleepy crowd over there :) – MS
  • Another thought. With your interests did you try sharing views with people at MeatBall? If not why not, and if you did and left, again why?

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