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Quora Answer : Would the Clojure programming language stagnate if Cognitect becomes bankrupt?

Jan 12

Cognitect was bought by Nubank, a large Brazilian fintech company.

Nubank might go bust (Brazil's economy isn't doing so well what with Bolsonaro and COVID etc.) But it's a global fintech company and bank, so the expectation is that it will be OK.

(Unless we see another 2008 style financial crash, then I'd expect Cognitect to keep going.)

OTOH, will Nubank change Clojure's culture / priorities. AFAICT Nubank were already one of the biggest users of Datomic and Clojure. And I think they'll continue to focus on Clojure as a language for managing enterprise databases (particularly Datomic). I would expect to see Clojure develop strengths and libraries in that direction : big data, finance, maybe some more web-stuff. (ClojureScript is such a good language for web UIs) Possibly more machine learning etc.

OTOH, I don't expect to see much love from Cognitect for developing Clojure in very different areas. I'm disappointed that no-one made Clojure a good language for Android. But I'm not holding my breath for Cognitect / Nubank to address that.

Some organic growth into non-enterprise non-finance related areas is going to need to come from other members of the community.

Quora Answer : Will Nubank's acquisition of Cognitect ruin Clojure?

Jan 13

I don't see any reason why it should.

I've speculated elsewhere that it might set the priorities of Clojure development. So expect to see more emphasis on enterprise, big-data, finance and maybe machine learning.

But not much emphasis on Clojure on Android or for video-games or other smaller scale personal applications.

But then, that was where Cognitect was positioned anyway so I'm not sure it makes much difference.

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Brazilian bank, Nubank (a fintech company) use and like Clojure so much in their technology stack that they bought the company that make it :

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