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Basically, these are MicroChunking office-space into short term (ie. rent-by-the-hour) facilities (including desks, wi-fi, coffee-making-facilities, AND colleagues.

It's also a radical UnBundling of facilities management from companies. Could it unbundle to a three-layer architecture

  • facilities (building management)
  • community management
  • members

There was a wave of them ... these seem to be the survivors in London.

Covid19 probably hasn't been kind to them

Outside London

Quora Answer : Is it worth to spend extra money to rent a personal office in a co-working space for learning machine learning and AI?

Oct 1, 2019

I'm not sure a co-working space is a particularly good environment to study and learn anything.

Studying requires you spend lots of time on your own, cut off from distractions of other people.

In university you balance alone-time with hanging out with, and bouncing ideas off, other students in your peer group, who are also studying and thinking about the same things as you.

Co-working spaces do have some good potential for synergies between members. But they are lousy for studying.

They have a lot of distractions in the form of other smart, interesting people, doing other interesting things that you'll be curious about. But they don't have the compensating virtue that those other people are focused on exactly the same things as you.

Co-working can be great at stimulating your creativity. Giving you insights into new problems and solutions that you can adopt, or adapt to your own situation. But when you are trying to cram existing knowledge into your head, that is NOT what you want.

So my advice ... go on and try to find a study group, of people who want to learn exactly the same thing that you want to. Schedule to spend an afternoon a week together in a library somewhere.

Don't rent a desk at a co-working space.

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