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Quora Answer : Is it possible to use Clojure or other FP languages with Processing? I would like to teach school kids how to program some fun and interesting visual stuff. I think Processing is a great environment, but I really don't like Java solution.

Aug 26, 2019

Quil is the Processing library wrapped for Clojure.

So yeah, you can write Processing programs in Clojure, no problem.

The bigger issue I've found with trying to use Clojure to teach in the way I've used Processing, is that most Clojure environments are aimed at professionals.

Emacs + ParEdit that I use is great. Other people like Spacemacs. Or a professional IDE.

But none of these have the virtue and simplicity and "gets out of your way -ness" of the Processing environment.

To the best of my knowledge, no-one has made Clojure a first-class language of the Processing environment, though I think it would be possible. (I even, at one point, applied to the Processing Foundation for a grant to do the work of making it one. I was turned down but with the encouraging message that they liked the idea and I should apply again. Possibly this genuinely means they like the idea, and would like someone to do it.)

But, of course, Clojure tools are improving. Maybe there's a Clojure editor which is simple enough for your school-kids. Maybe CLJ is better than Leiningen (though I like Leiningen). And if you think that works OK, then try Quil. It has the graphics goodness you want.

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