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It's interesting that ClojureLanguage seems to be a weapon of choice for the ToolsForThought crowd :

are all written in Clojure / ClojureScript.

Quora Answer : What is Clojure mainly used for?

Sep 11

In 2020, increasingly for front-end programming in ClojureScript.

Oddly, Clojure is big with the personal knowledge management crowd. The very fashionable Roam Research is written in Clojure. Athens, an attempt to make an open-source Roam Research is written in Clojure. My own new PKM wiki-engine cardigan-bay is (quite coincidentally) written in Clojure. I think it appeals to the mind-set of people who want to make powerful knowledge tools. And seems to be gaining a reputation in that community.

Obviously, the other place it's big is with Datomic and Datascript, ie a language for querying "Datalog-type" databases and managing their results / integrating them with older Enterprise Java systems.

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