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Ottawa, Canada

  • Retired from municipal planning
  • Active in Green politics
  • Co-own/manage Ottawa's carsharing organization
  • Was member of 'Ecology of Knowledge' network
  • Have read (and have sharable extracts/notes of) many of the tomes mentioned on this site:
  • Alexander
  • Simon
  • Brand
  • Jacobs


  • Allen, Tim (ecological hierarchies)
  • Benyus, Janine ('biomimicry')
  • Doxiadis (in Ekistics, 17-level physical hierarchy)

Don't have own website, but starting to build one now.

Can send papers/speeches in .txt, .wpd

  • "The Green Transportation Hierarchy"
  • "Using Our Feet to Reduce Our FootPrint" (published in journal, Local Environment)
  • "Creating - and Using - A Neighbourhood Walkability Index"
  • "The Walk-and-Roll City: A City without Cars, Trucks, or Buses"
  • "Informal Participation: A Networking Approach to Planning"
  • "S.H.I.P.: the Scalar-Hierarchy Integrity Principle"

Chris Bradshaw

hearth AT

Hi Chris,

Welcome to ThoughtStorms, I'm sure we have a lot to talk about. Feel free to dive in and comment / criticise anywhere :-)


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