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Cards in CardiganBay have types :

For example, the next card after this has a :raw type.

This card has a :raw type.

We treat it as plain-text and don't interpret it as markdown.

Current Types

We will be adding more types over time, but the current types are

  • :markdown - this is also the default if a type isn't specified
  • :raw - don't run the text through markdown or other preprocessing
  • :workspace - a ClojureScript embedded workspace. The card contains the default code that can be modified by the user and executed on the client. See CardiganBayWorkspacePublishing.
  • :embed - Embed types are video (YouTube and Vimeo), music (BandCamp and SoundCloud), Tweets, RSS feeds, CodePen and generic OEmbed from any site that supports it.
  • :system - System cards contain calls to built-in system functions. At the moment these include :
  • :evalraw and :evalmd - Clojure code that is run on the server and whose output is rendered either as "raw" or through the Markdown processor.(See CodeExamples)
  • :patterning - The Patterning library has been made available to scripts within the special :patterning card type. See PatterningSupportInCardiganBay. Note that only a subset of the current Patterning API is available and this is subject to change. Patterning itself is likely to stay, but the API might change in future.
  • :transclude - Transclusion is now officially debugged and supported. You'll see examples all over ThoughtStorms.

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