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Context : BrazilianPolitics, TheFarRightCoup.

The impeachment of DilmaRousseff was largely a mix astroturfed street protests from the right, and venal politicians trying to break the PT's hold on Brazilian politics (Also LavaJato)



There's a new narrative spreading in the Anglosphere that Putin put Bolsonaro in power. I won't rule out that, like the UK, Russia may have lobbied with Bolsonaro before the election to advance business interests, but the main culprit here is clearly the US. Here's why+

If, like Gramsci, you see the media operating as part of the expanded state, there's no denying that newspapers like NYT and WAPO performed this role for years treating Dilma Rousseff and Lula as guilty before proven innocent. Newsflash: they were innocent.

Beyond the media role, the US DOJ has published press releases on its own website on it's partnership in the now-disgraced Operation Car Wash since 2016,

This fact was pointed out by Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd in his response to Hank Johnson's Congressional inquiry on the US role in Car Wash/Lava Jato & Lula's political imprisonment.

In July 2017, Asst. Attorney General Kenneth Blanco did a big favor for Lula's defense team by publicly bragging about his conviction at the Atlantic Council, and confessing that Lava Jato prosecutors had been breaking the law through illegal, informal communications with the DOJ

This speech, 3 months before Greenwald awarded an Allard Prize to the Lava Jato team & 2 years before the Intercept leaks, led to the filing of the first motion to dismiss all charges against Lula due to illegal collaboration with a foreign government.

In June, 2019, Congressman Paulo Pimenta presented a dossier to EU Parliament on US involvement in Lava Jato. Starting with the leaked 2009 state department cables about Sergio Moro, he argued the DOJ wasn't just a partner - it was leading the operation.

7/2019: Intercept reveals leaked Telegram messages provided by Walter Delgatti that show Judge Sergio Moro illegally coached the prosecutors, knowing Lula was innocent. 8 months later it reveals FBI agents secretly met Lava Jato team every 15 days.

I wrote about US role in the 2016 coup and Lava Jato years before the Intercept revealed its proof of the US partnership, thanks to staff who fought to publish the FBI information, which should have been a top story, not article number 75 or whatever. Ex:

Why do I post the photo of Biden and Temer? The DOJ partnership with Car Wash started in the Obama administration. Biden met with Temer 3 days after the coup to tell him the US government gave him 'full support' at a moment when many South American govts refused to recognize him.

I post the photo of Trump hugging Bolsonaro because during his government the FBI helped the Lava Jato team convict Lula for nothing, which led to the Supreme Court overriding the Constitution to enable his imprisonment, specifically for Bolsonaro to win the election.

In addition to handing the presidency to Bolsonaro at a moment when Lula was leading him by 20 points in the polls, US-backed Lava Jato destroyed strategic sectors of Brazil's economy, leading to its worst recession in decades and 4 million job losses.

As someone saddened to see the return of starving families eating out of garbage cans due to 1990s style Washington Consensus economics, I would love to see any evidence of foreign actors helping put this maniac in power. As of now, it mostly looks like the US expanded state.

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