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BlogRolls are obviously blog-networks.

But there's a commercial version too. Here's a good analysis of the value of joining a blog-network over playing solo, and how the GoogleJuice works to everyone's advantage.

Might be interesting to compare how blog-networks are rather like gangs.

Why not join?

Obviously, explicit blog-networks are a counter-part of explicit SocialNetworkingServices.

How does this compete with a social networking service like TribeNet starting to introduce blogs for all members?

Bloggers rate their contributers? :


Contrast BlogRolls

|| || BlogRolls || BlogNetworks || Comments ||

|| Bends the BlogoSphere? || Yes || Yes || (Just as mass distorts space, these things form gravity wells in the blogosphere) ||

|| GoogleJuice || Yes || Yes || ||

|| Shape || Rhyzome || Hierarchy || Interesting difference. See also NetworksVsHierarchies ||

See also :