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Context: TheLeftWing

The left wing typically doesn't like wars. Certainly not those concocted by capitalism / imperialist institutions like the NationState etc.

This means we tend to have a very high bar for justifying them (or for JustWar)

Of course we can be wrong, sometimes. But as a bias, it's more often correct than not.

In the 2000s, many were part of the StopTheWar coalition against the IraqWar. Which led to a LiberalHawk backlash.

In the 2020s similar divisions are opening up on the left over the RussianInvasionOfUkraine2022. While I think that Russia is wrong and that Ukrainians have a right to defend themselves, some in the Anti-war left are more sceptical of Western narrative: LeftOnRussianInvasionOfUkraine2022. I respect their concerns and I'm not going to start fighting them. Some do want to : PaulMasonVsTheAntiWarLeft

Maybe some on the left have become apologists for Putin. JimmyDore sails close to this.

JeremyCorbyn certainly isn't one of them :