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UK Journalist PaulMason - who I have had, and probably still have, some respect for, as a left-wing commentator - seems to be evolving into one of the LiberalHawks and is apparently so incensed by the RussianInvasionOfUkraine2022 that he has turned against the whole AntiWarLeft, accusing them of being puppets of / conduits of propaganda for VladimirPutin

TheGrayZone has the scoop :

Mason responds by insinuating that his emails were hacked and the content may have been edited / falsified. But he's not outright denying that the content is what he wrote, which looks shifty. He'd be embarrassed to be caught with an outright lie.

Follow up, more leaks claimed by the Gray Zone :

To me all this looks like a replay of the kinds of arguments we had during the IraqWar, particularly the kinds of Marxists like NormanGeras and their friends who got behind the EustonManifesto