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(ReadWith) : now there's WikiCalc

This quote about DanBricklin (inventor of the SpreadSheet) reminds me of Wiki. (OnWiki)

> Bricklin and the other panelists agreed that VisiCalc succeeded because it was different from the kind of financial forecasting software that already existed -- it was a free-form, general purpose tool, an electronic "back of the envelope." It allowed non-programmers to do things at a level of complexity that, previously, you had to learn programming to accomplish.

Well, yes and no. Amateur users of spreadsheets use them in a very literal-minded way. They don't get the full benefit from, say, the look-up functions because they can't work with levels of indirection. I once taught an MSc student who himself taught IT (including spreadsheets) in an FE college - he was totally baffled by even the simplest formula involving choice or conditions.


Now that I know that Wiki was inspired by HyperCard, I see more spread-sheet connections. I once tried to implement a kind of HyperCard-like freeform HyperText in Lotus 123. Needless to say it wasn't very practical.

I think the connection you see is interactivity. When you can immediately see the results of your action you can enter a feedback loop that will adjust your actions to the optimal result. I have a page on it at: ** | Error in SisterSite link ... seems like [[InterActivity](http is not recognised. u'[[InterActivity](http' {'Meatball': 'http://meatballwiki.org/wiki/', 'BillSeitz': 'http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki/'}. http://zby.aster.net.pl/kwiki/?InterActivity InterActivity].] -- ZbigniewLukasiak

Download a website as a spreadsheet : http://www.snee.com/bobdc.blog/2006/05/download_as_spreadsheet.html