Do something fast and cheap.

ManageAbility asks if it's good enough

Subtle question.

He quotes ClayShirky on a temporal variant of SituatedSoftware :

. Businesses routinely ask teams of well-paid people to put hundreds of hours of work creating a single PowerPoint deck that will be looked at in a single meeting. The idea that software should be built for many users, or last for many years, are cultural assumptions not required by the software itself.

Which is undoubtably worth remembering.

But the counter to this is JoelSpolsky's (on ThePerfectRewrite)

Shirky's is different from the perfectionism and hubris that normally leads people to rewrite, but could be too far in the other direction. If you simply assume throwing away because you always want to avoid the costs of planning for re-use, that's probably a mistake too.

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