Separating from PhilsFavouriteBands ... albums I really dig these days


I mean, I'm a fan of everything but here are some particularly favourite albums

  • Hipopotamomous (almost "perfect" Momus album, even though I don't like all the songs on it ... which is weird)
  • Oskar Tennis Champion (feels like an incredibly fresh and innovative and well constructed reinvention / new chapter for an artist who is already very well established in his ways)
  • Ocky Milk (just a bunch of good tunes, rather like 20 Vodka Jellies)
  • Thunderclown (possibly the last album to resonate with me as an album)

Momus is so prolific these days, and tends to chuck up to 20-odd tracks on his albums. Most of the songs are pretty good. Some are spectacular (IMO). But inevitably most of the albums are a bit overwhelming and it's hard to get a sense of coherence or identity from the recent ones; they do seem to blur into each other. So while I like and listen to his recent tunes, I don't tend to resonate with or pick out individual albums as great.


(see also TheAlbum)

Current 93 is of course, the opposite of Momus. Every album features a different collection of guest collaborators and musicians, which gives each album a strong identity. Some albums / combinations I love. Others do little for me.

As that TheAlbum page points out I love "Thunder Perfect Mind", but not "Swastikas for Noddy". Similarly I love "I Am The Last of the Field That Fell", but not "Baalstorm, Sing Omega" which I bought on CD and didn't grab me at all; although many might find the styles and people involved pretty similar.

Coil / Threshold Houseboy's Choir

  • Moons Milk in Four Phases
  • Form Grows Rampant


  • Bureau for Melon (very Coil-like moments on this)

WilliamDDrake (ex of Cardiacs)

  • Revere Reach (one of my favourite albums of the last few years)

Can I put my own work? Why not.

I think Muerck is the best "album" I've done. In terms of originality / coherence / "sophistication". Other releases have better music, but are less of a whole. OTOH, The "Go Easy" Mixtape, I really like in terms of the composition of the whole thing, but some of the tracks are unfinished / half-formed sketches or just drones. Here to Move is similar ... I think the overall ideas and compositions are strong, but it doesn't quite add up to enough. OTOH, Fernanda Design Tree and The Feelings Mixtape are just compilations that mix some nice ideas / tunes with some more "filler" and a fairly haphazard overall structure.