Design (and crusade) by VinayGupta for a cheap and easy to assemble structure that can be made and deployed by local people in event of emergencies.

Recent Vinay thread on the role of SmallHouses sustainable future.

Urg. Spending my Saturday afternoon mediating extremely hard on the exact nature of the mismatch between the money system and the ecological niche that humans operate in

It’s kinaesthetic to me. Just hold a bank note to an apple: both of these items are meant to represent life

Ecological economics is going to require a revolution. We are going to have to bulldoze existing property rights law to solve our ecological problems.

Start here: why is it illegal to build a "one planet living" house almost anywhere on earth? Answer: codes are to keep costs up!

Once you build a house that needs a "ten planet" lifestyle to maintain it the occupants are locked in: they will heat it in winter, they will cool it in summer.

The wrong house binds all subsequent lifestyle decisions. The wrong house is the law.

"One planet" housing works.

There are a lot of approaches to "one planet" housing. Mine is the @hexayurt - build one pod per room. Join them up. Disassemble when you want to move. Sell a room you don’t need. The existing building materials are good (Hunter xci 286/honeycomb polypropylene Exalite)

But if we refine this design into a mass production technology, so young people don’t ever imagine spending $600,000 for an unsustainable bullshit 30 year mortgage brick coffin?

Total destruction of the economic value of most existing housing stock. It’s as obsolete as ox yokes.

We are not getting out of this without a revolution. The existing economic order is bound together by "ten planet" housing stock tied to 30 year mortgages.

If we fix housing - break the existing building codes, and impose new ones for ecologically sound housing?

Economy dies.

We do not have a choice other than violating current generation building codes to build small, affordable, green, super insulated little homes. They should be excellently soundproofed and gentle to the eye.

Then we move into them, pay their mortgage costs in 3 to 5 years. Done.

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