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IfYouDontPayForIt ... you waste it.

Much as we try to deny this, and it's implications, it's embarrassingly true.

It's why money based markets, which track gallons of information and constraints, exert a disciplin to prevent waste. (OnMarkets)

Why isn't it a problem in nature?

The EcoSystem is filled with carrion-eaters, decomposers and other niches for ReCycling waste.

Doesn't happen with us, because our new, man-made waste isn't bio-degradable.

But is becoming that way as our man-made stuff merges with eco-system.

Problem is that we can't, morally, countenance kids living off rubbish-dumps. (FractalCleanUpCrew)

But something could live off rubbish dumps : robots, genetically modified bacteria or insects, (HeatHarvestingAnts)

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