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Sadly defunct. But it was an AlgebraOfFeeds thang.

Some good commentry though.

TimOReilly historical analysis :

AnilDash comment : Very explicitly ties it with SocialSoftwareDevelopment

PipeDream seems to be a new version of it.

Quora Answer : Are there any flow-based graphical programming tools like Yahoo pipes, but with any local piece of software?

Feb 10, 2014

Great question. I can't say I know anything very close to what you're asking.

There are a lot of dataflow systems like Pipes which are specialized for music or video production. Max/MSP, PureData, VVVV etc. are like this. It is sort of possible to do other things with them too, though they aren't convenient for it.

Apparently Facebook released a Quartz Composer plugin for web development : You can now build an interactive mobile app, no code required, thanks to Facebook

What might be interesting to look into is whether someone has produced a graphical dataflow front-end for one of the build systems (see List of build automation software ) Haven't looked into it myself, but would be fascinating to know. And may be the easiest approach.

Update : I've now also discovered Node-RED for IoT type stuff.