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A standard for buyers and sellers to describe themselves and for buyers to rate sellers.

Main site : http://www.xpertweb.com/

(though what's it actually doing? Is it like a LetsScheme)

OK, more details here :

Compare a UK gov. sponsored initiative : http://society.guardian.co.uk/internet/story/0,8150,1288839,00.html

One thought, is this system biased against sellers? Presumably sellers of services need to maintain a good rating in order to be trusted to work. They'll work damned hard, jump throuuhg the customers' hoops to get that rating. But many customers will only need work done occasionally. Perhaps only once. They therefore have plenty of chance to defect, to renege on paying. Or to delay until convenient. The seller can rate them down. But the buyer can threaten to reciprocate.

A sellers who's dependent on the system is a lot more vulnerable to an unscrupulous customer than vice versa.

(See also JustInTime)

See also TheWorldOfEnds

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