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Quora Answer : Is Wikileaks morally and ethically good by making information public or is it a violation of freedom and privacy?

Apr 14, 2019

Wikileaks was (and I hope will continue to be) absolutely morally good.

It has been one of the most progressive and liberating forces for humanity at a very dark time when we are being wrapped up in a system of ubiquitous computing technology and sensors. When authoritarian governments are on the rise across the world, and all governments are demanding increasing rights to know everything about us - where we go, how we look, what we do, what we think - while shutting down every opportunity for us to know anything about what they are really getting up to.

Wikileaks has revealed tens of thousands of pieces of information about what governments and other organizations have been up to, that we, the people who they allegedly work for, don't approve of.

This isn't speculative. This happened. The governments really said and did those things. And we really only did find out because of Wikileaks. And when we saw it, we said, "no, we don't want that". And sometimes, the governments actually had to change. (Not always, unfortunately.)

We will be total idiots if we allow ourselves to give up Wikileaks and the things it stands for, because we've fallen for propaganda against it, or because we don't approve of Assange as a person, or because at one point it inconvenienced the party we wanted to win an election and we can't look beyond that crude partisan thinking.