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Basically, wiki is a multi-cell organism. Each user (cell / page) needs freedom to divide and multiply. Sometimes this growth is healthy for the overall organism. Sometimes it isn't. Ultimately some of these growths will go bad. Some users will overproduce noxious harmful texts. The fabric of the healthy community text will be hurt. Good users will stay away, vital organs will fail.

One solution : go somewhere else. That's what DNA does. It doesn't rely on a single, gigantic slime-mold. It takes what it learned (if this was a good body), gets spliced and gets the hell out of there, into a new body with some minor variations.

Perhaps that's what the core community of wiki should do. Simply up-sticks and find somewhere new. All complex bodies will go wrong and fail eventually. (Parties, countries, companies, cities?)


1) It's harder to get away than you think. Start a new wiki? Will pointers from the old? Won't the problems swarm after you just as quickly?

: I dunno. Look at WardsWiki which people are saying is going downhill. It's almost 10 years old. A long time in WikiYears. There's a ripe old age. If he started a new one, what would happen? Are the trolls on C2 really out to get Ward? Or just to rumble in that community.

:: actually I Was wrong. This already happened : Wiki:BigWikiFireOfDoubleOught

::: or did it?

2) You'll throw away all the value.

: If SunirShah is right that the value of MeatBall is in the community (CommunityOrGenre), maybe you don't. Maybe your community emigrate and start again.

Compare : Wiki:PrinciplesForTheNextWiki

But a wiki founder is going to have less enthusiasm and energy next time. He / she will feel it all went wrong.

: Depends on the mind-set. If you start with the assumption that everything has a finite life it may just seem exhilerating. Like being a SerialEntrepreneur.

More : Wiki:SecondWikiRenaissance (and (WarpLink) YellowWolves)