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Interesting idea. Picture books to teach software use :

This pretty much cements in the distinction between naive and expert users discussed on AnEasyInterface. People learning from these books have zero understanding of underlying principles, zero model of how the computer works.

I suspect many people will succesfully learn from these books. Undoubtedly they'll become expert button-pushers. Expert at manipulating the software "qua" GUI. But they'll get not domain model.

I wonder if this is a new DigitalDivide?

Perhaps more important than "access to computers" or even the literacy to be a user, is the distinction between literacy of (what I'll call a) /FacadeUser and literacy of a /ModelUser?

Counter : perhaps the people who'll make the best use of these books are experts who simply need a guided tour of the facade which they are already mapping on to their underlying domain knowlwedge.

Compare :

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