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No one wants to do any work!

Everyone just wants to be a co-ordinator of someone else's work!

  • all chiefs (not "indians") - ie. people high up in hierarchies (OnHierarchy)
  • the entire financial industry (everyone who believes that their esoteric gambling is helping the market to process information, (OnMarkets) and co-ordinate production with consumption
  • everyone in the world writing SocialSoftware which lets people "co-ordinate" better (yes, that's you wiki, blog, twitter, YasnAsPlatform guru.)
    • ditto for EnterpriseTwoPointZero
    • in fact Enterprise software in general
  • politicians
  • ThinkTanks
  • PolicyAdvisors
  • all shops, retailers, wholesalers, SupplyChainManagement gurus
  • bureaucrats (AnotherAntInTheSwarm)

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