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@_OliSharpe @rroudt Both! :-) But what I'm thinking about a lot at the moment is time-shifting / space-shifting.

See the bookmarklet example here : https://t.co/hAkBraecvK

where I capture a video and then rout it to a new page.

@_OliSharpe @rroudt What I'm thinking about is that experience. Vs. say I want to do some programming. First I have to navigate to my files. Then open the IDE etc. Then find the bit of code I need to change to do the work.

That's a lot I have to do before I can get started. But why ?

@_OliSharpe @rroudt Why can't I be talking to someone on Twitter. Get an idea? Then throw that idea into a ''stream'' and have the computer route it to where it needs to be to be put to use? Eg. with a brief hint, the computer locates the project, the files, opens up the appropriate editor ...

@_OliSharpe @rroudt and drop me into the right file to add this idea as code or data?

I may need to still translate it into an algorithm, but why do I need to do the bureaucracy in order to manually navigate to where it needs to be?

@_OliSharpe @rroudt So that's my TFT question at the moment ... how can a system allow me to input information in an order and way that suits me, and still weave it back into the places it needs to be.

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