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Talking to Flancian. The new frontier in KnowledgeManagement / ToolsForThought


OK, I exaggerate a bit. It's not 100% solved.

BUT ...

1) of the 4 billion unconnected a lot are babies and children. I'd like to see stats for 16+ y/o unconnected.

2) Hardware is mind-blowingly cheap. Based on the speed and trajectory of rolling it out ... \1

@flancian @breckyunits We clearly know HOW to do it. (ie. make cheap hardware, network routers, distribute them across the world).

Yes, we haven't reached everyone. Poverty is still massive issue. But in terms of getting hardware to people, we're further ahead in that, than in anything else. \2

3) So the problem shifts. (And this is my real point) from "how to get bits to people" to "how to ensure that they get good bits" ie. how do they get information which is true and useful to them, rather than information which is fake, and misleading to them. \3

That's a question we haven't thought about nearly as much, or enough. And haven't really got anything like as good answers to.

We've conceived of the problem for too long as "how to increase the bandwidth of bits being pumped to everyone". How to get a "library" into a "box". \4

Which is good. Not saying it isn't. ( )

But if we put a science book in a phone. But that phone is also pumping science denial memes over social media, what have we achieved? The book says the Earth is round, but the memes say it's flat.


That's the big issue all our KM / note-taking etc. software needs to be thinking about.

How to aid "SenseMaking", filtering, surfacing the good, recognising the bad etc.

We all know we can put a 100,000 nodes within 1 click of a mouse. What about "find the right node"?


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