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A DocSearls idea, rethinking TheAttentionEconomy (particularly, the explicit part of it)

Executive Summary

People are thinking of "attention" in marketing terms. As "eyeballs". How do I win people's attention to my product.

Instead, think of the world as being full of pre-existing "intentions" to, for example, buy your product. What sellers need to do is find and form links with those pre-existing intentions.

Thoughts :

  • it's nice (possibly naive) in assuming sellers aren't trying to brainwash us or create demand.
  • it's a lot less radically interesting than TheAttentionEconomy which is actually positing a new economic principle of circulation. This seems to be just about improving the wiring (possibly with some explicit attention / intention data.)


See also :

  • For some reason this reminds me of (WarpLink) TheUserIsThePlatform. Re-organizing the economy around the idea of making contact with pre-existing demands.
  • In other words, it's "networky".

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