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Powerful and terrifying writing on GlobalWarming from UmairHaque

We are beginning to live inside The Event.

And we are not ready yet to do so.

Why did my friends' niece have to ask her mother if there was a monster? Because nobody had taught her about The Event. Sure, she learns about "climate change." She goes to a fine school. But we don't teach anyone about the realities of The Event, from adults to kids, because in our global culture, in our way of thinking, there is no real understanding of what this is.

We do not teach people what The Event is. What is it? This is Extinction.

It isn’t just "climate change." Climate change was deliberately designed to be a neutral term, which hid the impacts of The Event. What happens when the temperature suddenly rises? It’s happened over and over again in history — but on this scale, only five previous times. And each time, the result has been extinction.

"Climate change" is a profoundly inadequate way to describe all this. My friend’s niece of course knew about it. She understood that yes, temperatures were rising. But nobody had taught her what it really means. That ecologies were to begin collapsing. That ecosystems would have their hearts ripped out. Beings of all kinds would just begin to die. And as they did, our systems would fail, and our cities become uninhabitable, at least many of them.


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