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Quora Answer : Not to know the Bible is, in some ways, to be illiterate, to neglect the very roots of philosophy, art, architecture, literature, poetry and music. Why is this, or why is this not, true?

Feb 26, 2020

It's "true" but culturally relative.

In countries with strong Christian tradition it is a cultural gap not to know the Bible.

In Muslim cultures it's equally lacking not to know the Koran.

And in India, probably the same not to know the Mahabharata.

And it's a bit weird, even in the Christian world to think that the Bible is the very root of philosophy. That would be Plato and Aristotle and the pre-socratics who are far more important. (Most of real philosophy in older Christian theology is blagged from Aristotle)

Music, not at all. There's almost nothing about music in the Bible

But Christian culture literature and poetry, yes, the Bible is an important "literacy" to help you understand them.

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