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Quora Answer : Which text editor do experienced hackers use?

Sep 6

Whatever is convenient.

I use Emacs, gedit and Android Studio in Linux, and Notepad++ in Windows. Pico on remote servers that don't have Emacs. (I'm just not great with Vi)

Emacs for Clojure and occasional Java. gedit for quick and light-weight editing of Python and shell-scripts and text (in markdown). Android Studio for Android Java.

In Windows, Notepad++ is pretty good. (Compared to having to use Notepad) I don't do a lot of programming in Windows though so it's mainly batch files and the occasional bit of Python.

Quora Answer : Which text editor do professional programmers or coders use?

Aug 25

I use Emacs for Clojure and occasionally other languages.

gedit for Python and other small bits of html etc. editing.

Android fucking Studio for Android Java (it's all horrible ... I mean bits are clever, I like the automated refactoring, but the overall experience is heavy)

Other professionals seem to like Vim, VSCode, Atom etc. so I guess they're OK.