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Quora Answer : Are the DUP terrorist sympathisers?

Jun 26, 2017


"Terrorist sympathisers" is a nonsense term. It's just what people say about people they don't like to make them sound bad.

The DUP are a political party in a bit of the UK where tribal politics got so antagonistic that both tribes developed an armed wing willing to plant bombs, shoot people and do other unpleasant things.

Anyone who is a Catholic / Nationalist "sympathised" with the aims of the IRA. Anyone who is a Protestant / Loyalist "sympathised" with the aims of their flavour of paramilitaries.

In other places where communities collapse into similar levels of antipathy ... in Israel / Palestine, between Sunnis and Shiites in the rest of the middle-east, the same things happen.

There's zero value in trying to make a big thing of this "sympathy". It does no good. You want to try to achieve peace. Peace requires members of all communities learning to think of the people from the other community as real human beings, with complex historical beliefs and desires who can learn to live in peace with you. Who you can perhaps trade with, collaborate with, befriend, love, marry, share a football team or company or school with.

Labelling them as fellow travellers of known-to-be-bad people is cheap rhetoric by people who want to prevent you reaching peace.

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