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For instance, you note in the book that over 90% of your survey respondents credit modern technology with helping reinvigorate traditional values over the past two decades—quite the opposite outcome from what one might expect.

: and the rest of this piece is fascinating too.

We're clearly talking about information or communication technology here.

That's a striking thought. Fundamentalist Christianity in the US, spurred by television. Islamic traditions re-invigorated by communication technology. Are all belief systems that catch technology going to get a boost?

Thoughts :

  • Is it because the tech. creates EchoChambers that help to amplify belief systems?
  • DigitalDivide (who's currently excluded who'll see a surge of popularity after they get connected?)
  • MediaInConflict (we associate print with protestantism, but is there a necessary connection or a mere accidental connection? For example, perhaps new DisruptiveTechnology just upsets old incumbant institutions. And because institutions are not good repositories of living culture. (ie. they replace CulturalGifts with institutional responsibilities) they're culture is often weaker (eg. CatholicChurch). Hence, at the time of the disruption, it's normally outsider cultures which are more virile, and will get to dominate?

: Compare MediaAndMaterials too?

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