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(ReadWith) MusicalSpreadsheets

Came up with this page name while wandering around a near deserted car-park between 10 and midnight.

What does it mean? How do I combine SpreadSheets and Circuses?

Is it like a FleaCircus? Little clown-like and trapeze-artist-like macros do miniature tricks in A4 and CC39?

Is the circus a system of archetypes? Spread through a constrained, circular SpaceTime? And is a spreadsheet an analagous system? Financial archetypes doomed to twice nightly shows in an enclosed world?

From my blog around 14 years ago

Anyway, without that to look forward to, I just want to announce that, for bizarre Jonesian reasons that I may explain in a minute, I just succeeded in copying the Midi module out of Gbloink! (which is VB, after all) into ... ahem ... Excel. And it runs fine in VBA.

Which means, musical spreadsheets ... w00t!!

To quote the immortal words of a Google-luring spam-blog, :

Everyone best black casino jack las slot vegas do this. you angst spreadsheet circus a chess last refreshed a shootout of hours. The genocide nugget wonder expenditure katharine propinquity as the progeny bantu arrowhead ever. It has "reinvented" itself as an successfully late vacation, shopping, entertainment, and best black casino jack las slot vegas destination.

Or rather, what I meant to say, I've decided that my next musical opus is going to be written in Excel - and provisionally code-named "SpreadSheetCircus".

Googling the phrase uncovered the above text, which will act as a kind of heuristical guiding star for the work. (Pull it apart and find lots of interesting imagery of casinos, cards, gambling, shootouts, angst, genocides, bantu arrowheads, slot-machines, spreadsheets, circuses etc. What more could you want in a magnum opus?)