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Things I wish I could do on SoundCloud :

  • Separate the people I follow into categories, so I can say "let me see what's up in the electro-goth / ov / witch-house category" or the "future beats category" today.
  • Repin tracks I like without them getting mixed up with my profile ... I'd like to separate my curation from my composition.
  • Perhaps segregate my repinnings into different categories too.

Quora Answer : Why hasn't SoundCloud changed/improved in so many years?

Feb 27, 2020

Agree with Staffan Vilcans

I suspect, though don't know for sure, that what happened with SoundCloud is that they took on a lot of investment on the assumption that they'd become a big player in streaming.

And on the back of that, built up a bigger and more expensive organization than the actual niche of "provide hosting for amateur musicians" warranted.

Now they have money troubles because the business of "hosting amateur musicians" doesn't generate the kinds of returns that investors, hoping for another Spotify, were expecting.

(Unlike, say, BandCamp who are focused on the narrower niche of serving musicians, but stay small.)

So SoundCloud are stuck.

They have a reasonably good product. But they need it to be something that it isn't, to pay the investors back. They don't have enough money to really compete with Spotify to becoming a major streaming service. Although they make feeble gestures in that direction. And they don't have the will to do what BandCamp do and focus on inventing cool new services for artists. So they don't do enough in that direction.

A recent release of FL Studio included integration with SoundCloud (you can upload your tunes directly from inside FL Studio). And I'm now guessing that SoundCloud's eventual fate might be to get bought by one of the DAW companies.

Or, say, Splice. I bet Splice would know how to make good use of SoundCloud if it were cheap enough for them to take over.

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