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Why does it seem that TheRightWing is so much better at containing the disagreements and contradictions between its socially liberal / "libertarian" wing, and its socially conservative / reactionary / religious / nationalist / PeopleOfSomewhere wing?

Here's yet another example of the problems facing the UK's LabourParty as the working class activists and middle-class liberal "do-gooders" (I don't use this term in a derogatory way) fail to stick together.

Brexit split the British left far more grievously than it split the British right for the same reason.

I've speculated in the past that the secret of the right-wing's success is that it's "transactional" and able to focus on local / "punctual" wins. Whereas the left is more "holistic" and seeks wider consensus. Which kills is when consensus can't be found.

Another version of the discussion ... should the left work with right-wing rebels when they share common interests? Or shun them because they don't share a wider consensus and shared morality?

But ... that's not quite all there is.

There is also something about economics and culture.

Like most on the left I tend to assume economics trumps culture. And is the real driver of politics.

BUT ...

Could it be that the left is hurt by divisions over culture more than the right is hurt by divisions over economic strategy.

And should this be evidence that culture trumps economics?

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