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From a TribeNet discussion :

What about combining FreeMusic with some kind of attention / reputation economy that ZbigniewLukasiak talks about. Basically Kazaa with a voting button?

Anyone who likes the music that's downloaded can signal approval. In fact, maybe approval is automatically signalled if the user downloads several tracks by an artist. Or approval goes to a curator of a playlist when someone downloads several tracks from that playlist.

Now imagine this is part of a larger approval economy. So that approval points can be spent elsewhere ... eg. on getting certain kinds of online service. Maybe if I host a lot of approved music, I can use my approval points to "buy" hosting space.

I'd hope by now that 99% of the functionality could already be found out there in other free P2P and reputation management projects.

SocialNetworkingSoftware might fit in here in several ways.

  • it can help people find other people who are giving gifts (eg. music, writings) which you can donate approval points to
  • it can help prevent cheating. If the network is based on connections of "I trust this person to give fair approval", then approval which only flow through this type of link are likely to be legitimate.

On the other hand, there may also be some crossover with mark-up in blogs. And positive and negative voting. StructuredBlogging

Maybe points can be earned from spontaneous approvimg reviews on blogs.


Big problem, even when when points are given in good faith, how do you stop inflation?

An interesting new question has popped up on the above discussion : ''

Has anyone addressed the idea that receiving a lot of 'attention' and 'approval' per se may not necessarily be the thing that should lead to 'reputaion'...what I mean is how to address the idea that just because everybody is looking at something doesn't mean it is worth promoting.''

I have a response there, but it isn't all that interesting, just a "let people rate the raters" type thing.

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