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Quora Answer : What do we call the global trend of nationalist uprisings (Duterte, Brexit, Trump, ICC denunciations, etc.)?

Nov 16, 2016

I've decided to call it a "social bear market".

Globally, economies are either in recession, or social inequality has got so bad that most people and communities are effectively in recession despite the official indexes for the country.

People got pessimistic, defensive and miserly. They're turning to authoritarians who promise to protect them from "the other": from any group that can be scapegoated to deflect attention from the real causes of the problems and their solutions.

Eventually enough value will have been destroyed, enough suffering caused, and enough wickedness committed that people will become sickened by the fighting and the demogogues, start rebuilding rather than attacking, and we'll re-enter a phase of economic, social and moral growth.

Until then, though, it's going to be a rough and heartbreaking ride.

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