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My wife's necklaces are all mixed up togther in a box. Guess what happens whenever she wants to get one out.

All those cables around the back of the computer, where I don't dare look.

I tell my students that the biggest danger in ObjectOrientedProgramming is that the program rapidly grows out of control, with dozens of interdepencies. And you need to find patterns to keep things under control.

I wonder if all those problems we have with GettingThingsDone are really because there's a lot of friction, all those everyday tasks rub against each other, catch and tie themselves in knots.

Some knots are spatial : This needs to be sorted into two piles, and I'd have space for two piles if only I cleared up that stuff over there.

Some are conceptual : But clearing that up can't be done until I search for John's phone number which I know I wrote in the green notebook. But while I'm going through the green notebook I might as well be adding the addresses of the people with this interest, but that means I need to sort out those two files.

Wiki self-entangles beautifully.

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